Data Science for Industry

We are experts in data analysis, especially when it comes to industry. It would be our pleasure to help you transform your data into valuable information, that can be used to lower operation costs and increase incomes.

What do we do ?

Usually our projects are focused on:

Predictive models of industrial processes
Predictive Maintenance
Forecasting models focused on electric energy, heat and gas demand
On-line updating of device characteristics
Plant simulators

What is the data source?

In case of industrial projects we usually take the data from PLC, SCADA and DCS systems. We know how to work with these systems. On 4 continents we have implemented over 450 automation systems in large scale plants, basing on following systems: Ovation, Delta V, InTouch/InControl, S7-300 to S7-1500, PCS7, ControlLogix and RX3i.

We often add additional data sources to our models, such us weather information, the macroeconomic indicators and the price of substrates and products.

Identification experiments

In some projects there is a need to perform identification experiments. We know how to perform them, so that they are safe to the plant and do not affect the production plan. We use Design of Experiments methods to minimize the cost of identification tests. We have made such experiments in more than 100 large industrial plants.

What does the customer get?

By the end of a project we generate a report with data analysis results. Moreover we formulat recommendations for improvements in plants operation. If there is such need we are always happy to implement our statistical models in customers environment. Usually our software communicates with a plant automation system or with an operation layer of the enterprise. Our computation algorithms can be also provided as a service in a cloud.

Why choose us?

Over the last 25 years we have been providing IT and control solutions for industry. We have our own portfolio of products for data acquisition, data analysis and plant optimization. Our experience comes from over 500 implementations in USA, Europe and Asia. The team responsible for the analysis of industrial data includes 4 PhD's and 2 PhD students who regularly track the latest papers on data analysis algorithms, adapt them for industrial use and develop their own proprietary solutions.

It would be our pleasure to help you find a value that is hidden in your data.


Konrad Wojdan

PhD Eng. Konrad Wojdan

R&D Team Leader

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+48 603 910 108

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