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Areas of activity

Energy market

Energy market

The portfolio of products dedicated only to the power market allows to meet individual needs of each Market Participant.

Gas market

Gas market

The GasLux product is the integration of 8 modules which perform specialist tasks in underground gas storage facilities.



We are experts in creating high-tech systems for industrial automation and manufacturing industry.



A team of experts develops advanced software designed for hospitals, laboratories and physicians which enhance calculations, helps to develop statistics, analyzes medical data and monitors treatment quality



TT large outsourcing centers develop software in such leading technologies as .NET, Java, C/C++.

Jira and other Atlassian solutions

Jira and other Atlassian solutions

The main purpose of PLM is product definition management from the concept to the withdrawal of a product from the market.

Data Science

Data Science

We are experts in data analysis, machine learning and AI.


Transition Technologies is constantly looking for gifted people with passion and knowledge who have IT skills and are up for challenges.


If you are a student pursuing career in IT environment and looking for a place where you can grow contacts us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask about possibilities of intership.


If you are an engineer, analyst, quality assurance specialist or developer (Java, Javascript, .NET, C++. iOS, Android) and would like to work with us contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask about career possibilities.

Our offices

Mapa Polski


Company Headquater

01-030 Warszawa
ul. Pawia 55
tel.: +48 22 331 80 20
fax: +48 22 331 80 30

How to get to the office



Mapa Zagranica


Transition Technologies USA Inc.

1386 Old Freeport Rd, Ste 2BF3
Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA


Kuala Lumpur


Suite 20-01 & 20-02B, Level 20,
The Pinnacle, Persiaran Lagoon
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +603 5624 4291


Transition Technologies S.A. - Warsaw


The Warsaw office of Transition Technologies is the workplace for skilled programmers, analysts, engineers, traders and administrative staff of the company and the IT department. For 20 years, we have been developing software designed for large industry, with particular emphasis on the energy and gas sector and industrial automation. We produce software also for the utilities sector, from application software, through comprehensive process optimisation systems, to software integration and Business Intelligence solutions.

We carry out outsourcing of IT personnel of the highest standard, offering quick access to skilled IT professionals, in particular developers and system architects creating specialised software using such technologies as C#, .NET, C++, PHP5, Java, J2EE, XML, XLST, WebServices; as regards databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase; as regards Business Intelligence: Oracle Business Intelligence, SAP Business Objects, and as regards integration: Oracle Fusion Middleware and IBM WebSphere.

Ostrów Wielkopolski

Transition Technologies S.A.

This branch office specialises in designing, constructing and implementing dedicated eBusiness systems that require functionally complex and technologically advanced software and unconventional solutions.

Implemented IT solutions allow management, integration and exposition of information from various sources where the speed of getting the information, its acquisition and processing is a prerequisite to make the right decision. The Internet and Intranet solutions offered allow controlling the processes taking place in the company and meet the needs of organisations in the areas of internal and external communications. Technologies of creation of the systems are tailored to the individual business needs of the customer and the type of application.

Transition Technologies Control Solutions

Since 1998, Control Solution Centre (CSC) has carried out implementations of digital automation systems for energy facilities for multinational companies (especially Emerson Process Management). Thanks to many years of experience, high level of technical skills and great commitment of employees, the company maintains very good long-term relationships with customers of services and end users. The activities conducted by the branch office are focused on creating improvements for the energy industry, mainly for large power plants. Most of the projects are carried out on the largest power units in Poland, USA and Europe.


Transition Technologies PSC

A division of the Poland Solution Centre (PSC) was established in Łódź on July 2006 for the purposes of cooperation between Transition Technologies and Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) – a global leader in supply of specialised software for design and management of products (Product Lifecycle Management). Most projects carried out in Poland Solution Center are based on the Windchill platform. It is a product of the PTC company used for product lifecycle management. This is the platform on which the ProjectLink and PDMLink solutions are built. Currently, Poland Solution Center employs dozens of specialists providing PLM software solutions for over 35 customers of Parametric Technology Corporation in 8 different countries.

The end customers for which the solutions are created include the largest industrial corporations in the world, such as EADS, including Airbus (international consortium of European companies producing aircrafts). Currently, PSC carries out several parallel projects for PTC Airbus. This department also conducts R&D activities and development services in the field of new PLM technologies


Transition Technologies S.A., Transition Technologies - Managed Services, Transition Technologies PSC

TT office in Białystok was opened in July 2008, in response to the growing needs for design plans of the company. Teams of programmers, analysts and testers forming the branch office are young and ambitious professionals working on large projects for Polish and foreign potentates on the energy market.

Today, it is one of the fastest developing TT branches and constitutes an appreciated element in the process of software development and provision of services by the company.


Transition Technologies Control Solutions

Wrocław branch office, Control Solution Centre, was established in November 2006. Its functions include programming of industrial control systems (DCS and PLC companies: Emerson Process Control, ABB, Siemens, Cegelec), and outsourcing of engineering and software development services. Just like in the case of the Control Solution Center in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Wrocław branch office focuses on implementing improvements to energy companies. Most projects implemented by Control Solution Centre concern the largest power units in Poland, USA and Europe.


Transition Technologies S.A., Transition Technologies - Managed Services

In July 2013 TT opened branch in Lublin. Our teams there realize projects for such clients as: Schneider Electric, Roche, Orlen, Enerad, the Polish Post, Tauron and GDF. At the beginning there were 6 people on board in TT office in Lublin, now our team consist of more than 60 employees and we plan to increase that number to 100.


Transition Technologies PSC

TT office in Kielce was opened in September, 2014. It employs engineers, developers and IT architects. Over the next few years we plan increase the employment to 150 professionals - mainly JAVA programmers who will work for the international automotive companies in Europe such as Ferrari, Honda, Continental and Renault.

Company`s branch in Kielce is based on mutual cooperation between the Kielce University of Technology which is valuable for students, future computer specialists, who can benefit from internships and from potential employment in the future. There are also great opportunities for joint R&D projects and other activities financed from the EU funds


Transition Technologies S.A., Transition Technologies - Managed Services

In November 2014 we opened the eighth TT office - in Koszalin. A group of programmers, who works in Koszalin is part of the teams implementing projects for the Power Market and Roche. In Koszalin we develop such technologies as: Java, Salesforce, front-end and mobile (iOS and Android). We cooperate with Koszalin University of Technology.


Transition Technologies Managed Services

In June 2016 TT opened branch in Olsztyn. Our teams there realize projects using such technologies as .Net, Java, C++, and mobile technologies.


Transition Technologies Managed Services

In our newest branch we have an interdisciplinary team working with clients - global manufacturing, new technology and pharmaceutical companies.

  • We provide programming services in Java, .Net, Business Intelligence, C # and C ++
  • We have a team of several dozen people dealing with complex communication services in the company. In particular, we carry out information campaigns around changes or innovations introduced in enterprises, classical training and e-learning training. We also manage the implementation of training and certifications.

Zielona Góra

Transition Technologies PSC

The office in the Capital Group employs several programmers implementing outsourcing projects.


Transition Technologies S.A.

The youngest office in the Capital Group employs several programmers implementing outsourcing projects.


Transition Technologies PSC Sp. z o.o.

Specializes in creating IT solutions for the industry. Particularly Connected Product Lifecycle Management and application in the industry of the latest technologies of Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), thanks to which our clients can implement the concept of Industry 4.0.


Transition Technologies CS

Is involved in the programming of industrial automation systems. TTCS activities focus on introducing improvements for companies in the energy industry, but also implement projects for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The projects are largely implemented on the largest power units in Poland, Europe, the USA and the Middle East. The work is carried out using two systems: Ovation and Delta V.

Transition Technologies S.A. - USA

Software Solution Center

In the year 2007 Transition Technologies has established a new branch in United States labeled Transition Technologies USA Inc. The new company's registered seat has facilitated accomplishment of multiple projects in North America and has spread our offer among international customers. The Company’s profile on the US market includes rendering of advance automotive service and optimization for industries, i.e. power sectors, along with innovative solutions in e-Business and Business Intelligence domain.

Transition Technologies S.A. - GERMANY

Software Solution Center

In 2003 a representative office was set up in Germany where the main emphasis is being put on effective operations in power energy and gas sectors. We are observing significant expansion in a number of our customers, what influences an increase in Transition Technologies revenue. The dynamic expansion of our activities in the Western Europe has led to the creation of an innovative product group under the name of gasLUXstore. This project was launched in power market domain to support cavern and gas fields servicing, within technological and commercial scope. Owing to the high quality and technological innovation, our products are implemented not only in countries of Western Europe such as Germany, Switzerland or United Kingdom, but also in Russia and China.

Transition Technologies S.A. - MALAYSIA

TTMS Software SDN. BHD.

Our Malaysian office employs .NET, Java and ETL developers as well as testers and end-user support professionals.

Transition Technologies S.A. - UKRAINE

Software Solution Center

W naszym ukraińskim biurze znajdują zatrudnienie programiści .NET, Java oraz ETL jak również testerzy oraz specjaliści do spraw wsparcia użytkowników końcowych. Realizujemy projekty dla sektora energii i gazu, jak również projekty outsourcingowe.

Transition Technologies PSC Asia Ltd - Taiwan

We create proprietary IT systems and modern technical solutions for clients in the Asian market. Transition Technologies PSC specializes in creating IT solutions for the industry. Particularly Connected Product Lifecycle Management and application in the industry of the latest technologies of Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), thanks to which our clients can implement the concept of Industry 4.0.

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